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36 Eden Crescent

36 Eden Crescent Auckland
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Worst on the Street!
(But the best in the city!) You got it, Eden Crescent is like the Paritai Drive of the CBD, and this is the worst on the street. That's right, you are literally surrounded by high-end. The Court House, The Pullman, The Lumley Building, Law School, our Central Business District, The Statesman and the list goes on... So why call it 'worst on the street?' Well a true and tested saying my old man has always said to me is... 'Son...always buy the worst apartment on the street...that way the other people with their fancy cars will do the work for you.' You see when you're in a good area, your rent is not only higher but the class of tenants is better and thus your long-term outlook is much more secure. So come check out this investment which is the worst on the street... but one of the best in the city.
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